Candyland Sock Set Advent


Embark on a deliciously delightful journey through a Candyland-inspired yarn sock set advent calendar! Over the course of four enchanting weeks, unwrap a tantalizing array of yarn skeins and minis, each meticulously curated to mirror the vibrant colors and whimsical themes of the beloved board game.

Week One: "Candy Coated Meadows"

Step into the Candyland-inspired yarn sock set advent calendar and find yourself amidst the Candy Coated Meadows. Open the first package to reveal skeins of yarn in hues of soft pastels, like cotton candy pinks, lemon sorbet yellows, and baby blueberry blues, mirroring the dreamy landscape of Candyland's sugary fields.

Week Two: "Gumdrop Gardens"

In the second week, your journey leads you through the Gumdrop Gardens, where skeins of yarn in shades of lush greens, soft pinks, and dreamy purples await. Inspired by the whimsical flora of Candyland, these skeins invite you to weave enchanting tales of magical forests and hidden treasures.

Week Three: "Lollipop Woods"

As you venture deeper into the Candyland realm, Week Three unveils a sugary paradise of Lollipop Woods-inspired yarn. Picture skeins in swirls of pastel blues, cotton candy pinks, and shimmering silver, reminiscent of the candy-coated trees that line your path.

Week Four: "Candy Castle Confections"

In the final week of your journey, arrive at the Candy Castle, where dreams come true and adventures abound. Open the package to find skeins of yarn in regal shades of royal purple, glittering golds, and opulent blues, echoing the grandeur of King Kandy's realm.

With each skein and mini, our Candyland-themed yarn sock set advent promises a delightful exploration of color, texture, and imagination. So cast on your stitches, weave your tales, and let the magic of Candyland inspire your crafting adventures this holiday season!

Talbot Fingering will be a 75% Merino and 25% Nylon blend with 463 yards. It's incredibly soft and perfect for frequently worn socks. Each mini will be a generous 92 yards per skein. The Half skein option provides 231 yards in the 50 gram skein with a full size 20 gram mini.

This is a perfect gift for the sock knitter in your life. All Pre-Orders will ship between Friday, November 1st and 8th . So everyone will have their kit by the beginning of December.

PLEASE PURCHASE THIS ITEM SEPARATELY. This item is ineligible for any discount codes.

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